Interview with Director Rebecca Daly
BBC Radio Ulster, Arts Extra Strong Bits 

“A finely crafted and well-acted drama, the kind of film that Ireland is more than capable of producing but, sadly, only does from time to time.”

**** Review: The Dubliner

“Daly and Cinematographer Suzie Lavelle show an extraordinary eye for haunting composition and an uncanny ability to evoke an atmosphere of anxiety”
*** Review: John Maguire; Sunday Business Post

“A challenging, high-end arthouse film… a daring debut”
*** Review: Paul Lynch, Sunday Times; Culture.

“She has this big grief in her history but she expresses it in a different way, by repressing things,” says Daly. “She’s never really learned how to connect with people and then it all gets channelled into this.” – Rebecca Daly
Interview with the Irish Examiner

“That film changed me,”- Campbell-Hughes on her role as Arlene.
Interview; The Irish Times

“The Other Side of Sleep demonstrates how Irish movies can and do have an edge.”
Le Cool Dublin

“Daly manages to do a wonderful thing throughout this film which is to make the small town where Arlene lives a living breathing character, full of menace.”
Jason Coyle, CineIreland

“I was looking for a mixture of vulnerability and steeliness. Antonia has an almost childlike quality, but her core is determined.” Director Rebecca Daly on Antonia Campell-Hughes.
The Metro-Herald 

Interview with director Rebecca Daly on The Picture Show with Phillip Molloy
Newstalk 106-108 FM

“[The Other Side of Sleep] is very singular, occupying a strange space and taking the viewer to that place.”
Brian Hayes Curtin, Cork Independent 

Interview with director Rebecca Daly from the Irish Film and Television Network.

A Local Focus: The Other Side of Sleep brings the locations and people of the midlands to the fore.
The Athlone Advertiser

“A fear that can’t be defined.” Director Rebecca Daly’s blog for the Irish Film Institute

“Flirts with dreams and reality; under-stated yet powerfully etched.”
Fionnuala Halligan, Screen Daily

“Daly has a very strong eye for composition and draws a quality performance out of Campbell-Hughes… A very promising debut for Daly.”
Todd Brown, Cannes Review,

“The Other Side of Sleep is a formalist wonder… It’s a remarkable journey.”
William Alberque,

Interview with director, Rebecca Daly
The Guardian

“Campbell-Hughes holds the entire production together beautifully… The Other Side of Sleep may even haunt you a little.”
Sue Murphy,

Interview with director, Rebecca Daly
Film Ireland